Online Tuition Classes

Through A Single All-In-One Platform

  • Online Tuition Classes

    Online Tuition Classes

    Twish is an online tuition platform for Malaysian students in primary and secondary schools. Our tuition classes are hosted via live video conferencing, and students only pay for the sessions that they attend.
    And yes, as you might have guessed, Twish is short for ‘tuition’.

  • Anywhere<br>Any Device

    Any Device

    Twish is useful because students can attend our tuition classes from anywhere using their laptop, tablet or even a smartphone.
    Furthermore, student grades and scores are kept online, making it useful to track students’ progress.

  • All-In-One<br>Platform


    Twish is an integrated learning platform where all the activities are done within No messing about with classroom codes, WhatsApping homework assignments or even emailing reading material, because they’re all here in one place!!

    • For Students

      Students can join our tuition classes anytime, and only pay for those that they attend (pay-per-class). Students’ can also interact directly with our teachers during classes using live video conferencing, e-whiteboard and other tools. Twish’s social features also make it easy for students to communicate with fellow classmates.
      For Students
    • For Teachers

      Teachers can host live tuition classes using their gadget of choice. Teaching materials, quizzes and exams can all be administered from within Twish. Furthermore, students’ scores and grades are all kept online, making it easy to keep track of their progress.

      Apply to become a Twish teacher here.
      For Teachers
    • For Parents

      Parents can keep track of their children’s progress in all of the classes that they’re attending. This includes information like grades, quiz scores, attendance and even feedback from the teachers. Twish also offers convenience and security, as students can ‘attend’ the classes from any location through their device of choice (internet access required).
      Most importantly, parents only pay for those sessions that their children want to attend (pay-per-class).
      For Parents
    • Integrated Learning Platform

      With all the learning tools in one place, Twish is a convenient way for students to attend tuition classes, and a handy tool for teachers to host their courses. Twish can be accessed using any modern web browser, so there are no additional downloads or software needed.
      And the best part is that this can all be done from the comfort of your own home!
      Integrated Learning Platform

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